2016-17 Female Novice Skate and Educate

When: Sunday March 20, 2016 @ 5:45pm

Where: Century

What: An introduction to “all girls” hockey for FGNHA/SWHA female players who will be eligible to play for the Winnipeg Storm in the Novice division for the 2016-17 season. FGNHA and SWHA operate a joint female hockey program under the brand Winnipeg Storm. Eligible players for next season’s novice teams were born in 2008 and 2009. The idea is to educate parents and players about the division and give the players a dressing room and ice experience with other girls.

Who: 2008 and 2009 female hockey players registered in 5/6 and 7/8 house league.

Why: The purpose is not to discourage females from playing in the 7/8 house league, or from 8A1. It’s to educate them on the option of Female Novice hockey and give them some experience to help make the decision for next season. Many parents think their daughters will develop into better players if they play with the boys. The truth is players develop when they have self-confidence, feel that they are part of the team and are amongst friends. Girls thrive in the female novice divisions because they are amongst peers with a common purpose – to have fun, develop skills, learn the game and compete.

The Female Novice divisions fall under Hockey Winnipeg which means our teams play other area associations throughout the city. Female Novice hockey is tiered into two divisions – Novice A1 and Novice A2. This past season Winnipeg Storm entered three Female Novice teams – one team in the Female Novice A1 division and two teams in the Female Novice A2 division. League play consists of 18 games.

To register (no cost): please send an email (subject: Novice Skate) to Brent Eliasson brenteliasson@gmail.com and provide the following information:

Name of player: Year of birth: Current team: Parent name and email: