Coach Certification

All volunteer hockey coaches in Canada are trained for the specific level they are coaching.

Only rostered coaches are permitted to volunteer on-ice.  Additional volunteers will not be covered by the Hockey Canada Insurance Plan* as no premium has been paid on behalf of the volunteer.  Team managers and safeties are permitted on the bench during games, but their role does not include helping on-ice during practices or games.

Coach Certification

All coaches require coaching certification according to the age group requirements as stated by Hockey Manitoba (Coach 1, Intro to Coach; Coach 2, Coach Level, etc).  Each course stream of training is designed to cover the pertinent learning & skills content appropriate for the level of athlete which you’ll currently be coaching.

It is the responsibility of the coach to understand the certification requirements for their age levels and complete the required courses by December 1st.  Coach requirements are available on the Hockey Manitoba website.

Coach certification is divided into 2 parts:  on-line (Hockey University) and in-class.  The on-line portion (and Respect in Sport) must be completed before registering for a clinic.  Please register early as there are limited classroom sessions.

Note: Coach 1 – Intro to Coach is required to coach within the Initiation program (5-6 year olds). If you are coaching Novice (7-8 year olds), either the Coach 1 – Intro to Coach (Initiation Program) or Coach 2 – Coach Level training is sufficient.

Checking Skills 1

Continuing this season Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba have made it mandatory for all head coaches of Atom, Peewee and Bantam male teams to attend a Coach – Instructional Stream – Checking Skills 1 clinic prior to the Dec. 1st deadline.

Note:  Head Coaches only, space is limited.

For any further information regarding the checking clinics please contact:  Dustin Stewart –

Safety Person

All teams require at least one (1) Safety Person registered that has completed the Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP).  The emphasis of the safety program is on injury prevention and safety through risk management and education.

The safety person collects player medical information and must be at all practices and games.  In the case of injury, the safety person provides a Hockey Canada Injury Report.

Hockey Canada Safety Person Responsibilities.

The deadline to complete the HCSP is December 1st.  Registration is available on the Hockey Manitoba website.

Respect in Sport – Coaches and Activity Leaders

All team staff on the official team roster are required to have their Respect in Sport for Coaches and Activity Leaders (including Managers and Safety people). The Respect in Sport Program is only offered online and is a total of 3 hours in length. The course consists of 6 modules, each 30 minutes in length.  It is designed as a tool to assist team officials in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport.

2017-18 Update: Respect In Sport Re-Certification

Beginning in the 2017-18 hockey season Sport Manitoba has initiated a 5-year re-certification policy which applies all all coaches, managers and safety people who take the Respect in Sport – Coaches and Activity leaders online course.  This means that for the 2017-18 season any team staff that completed their Respect in Sport prior to 2012-13 are required to retake the Respect in Sport – Coaches and Activity Leaders online course. The policy has been put in place as a result of multiple changes that have been made to the Respect in Sport course designed to reflect the current climate. The course now includes more material regarding online harassment and cyber bullying as well as other needed updates.

With this policy change, Hockey Manitoba have also made the decision to no longer accept the Speak Out certification as an equivalent to the Respect in Sport online course. This means that any team staff that completed the Speak Out course in the mid 2000’s will be required to complete the Respect in Sport – Coaches and Activity leaders online course in the 2017-18 season in order to be properly certified by the December 1st coaching certification deadline.

Visit the Hockey Manitoba website for further information and registration details (

Click here to begin the Respect in Sport Coach/Activity Leader Online Course

Child Abuse Registry Check

All SWHA coaches are required to complete an Application for Child Abuse Registry (CAR) Check.  The CAR documents will be submitted by SWHA as we can do so at no cost to the individual.  The CAR application will be emailed to you once you have submitted your Coach Application. The check is valid for 3 years, if you’ve completed the CAR application for SWHA in the past 2 years you will not need to complete it this year.  Team officials that fail to complete the required Child Abuse Registry Check prior to December 1st annual deadline will be removed from the team roster and suspended until such time as proper certification is received.

Further information on the Child Abuse Registry can be found on the Government of Manitoba website.

CAR documents are available from Ian Perreault, SWHA Director of Coach Development (

Reimbursement for Hockey University

2017-18 Prices:

Coach 1 (aka Intro Coach or IP) & Coach 2 (aka Coach Level) – $31+GST

Safety Program – $25+GST

Respect in Sport (Ris) for Coaches – Free

Payment is required when you register online.  SWHA will reimburse the expense.  Please email your receipt to Paul Comte, SWHA Treasurer –

*Hockey Canada Insurance Program

The Hockey Canada National Insurance Program provides supplemental assistance to Hockey Manitoba members for injuries incurred during hockey sanctioned activities.  The Hockey Canada National Insurance Program has specific coverage limits.  Details regarding coverage can be found in the Safety Requires Teamwork Booklet (page 34).