Hockey Winnipeg Rules

Hockey Winnipeg Special Rules

Referees:  For all three-man system games, the referee shall mail the “HW Official Game Report” to the HW Office. The Area Association will provide envelopes (which will be placed inside each dressing room.)

SR-6 Reporting for Games

(1) […] game officials shall be ready to officiate 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time.

(6) In order to commence play of a game, a team shall have a minimum of:

a) 9 eligible players in uniform (not necessarily a goaltender)

SR-7 Procedure for Starting and Terminating a Game

(4) Procedure for terminating a game if there is insufficient ice time left to complete it.

(a) When there are 4 minutes of ice time remaining for the game and more than 3 minutes on the game clock, the timekeeper shall signal the On-Ice Officials and advise them that there is insufficient ice time left to finish the game

(b) On-Ice Officials shall immediately notify both teams that there are 2 minutes remaining in the game.

(c) The timekeeper shall reset the game clock to show 2 minutes. Stop time shall be used unless the “Mercy Rule” is in effect, at which time; “running time” shall apply.

(5) In all AA divisions, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, a shoot out takes place. The shoot out participants are the five (5) players who are circled on the game sheet at the beginning of the game and the shootout participants do not have to be the starting line up. The Home team shoots first. The team with the most goals scored wins. If still tied, the game remains a tie. In AA, if the game clock has been cut, there will be no shootout.

SR-8 Game Reports

(11) Referee will report all penalties to involve suspensions to the proper Division Director within 48 hours in league play and 12 hours during Playoffs. Referee game fees for each instance will not be paid if this reporting procedure is not followed.

SR-9 Team Conduct

(3) When a player is ejected from the game, [a team Rep must receive the player at the exit.] Failure to comply will result in a minor penalty for Delay of Game.

Ejected players must remain in the dressing room.

Ejected team officials must remain in the dressing room or outside the rink surface area.

SR-15 Mercy Rule

When a team is winning by 5 or more goals with less than 5 minutes to play, the balance of the game shall be played “running time.” Running time shall continue, regardless of the number of additional goals scored.

SR-19 Maximum number of penalties per game

Any player upon being assessed his/her third stick penalty or his/her fourth infraction of any type during a hockey game shall automatically be assessed a Game Ejection. The double minor penalties (spear, butt-end, head contact, etc.) will as only one penalty in this count.

SR-20 Time Out

In Hockey Winnipeg, there will be no “Time-out” in regular season league play, tournament or exhibition games. During playoffs, there will be one (1) 30 second time-out allowed each team in each game for all age divisions and categories except House League.