Mentorship Program


The program will specifically target officials entering their 1st year of officiating. Thus, the program will be targeted to House League as this is the level in which those officials begin. They are targeted because the players, parents, and coaches are beginning to have certain expectations of the officials, and consequently when those officials fail to meet those expectations, problems arise in terms of abuse and shattered confidence, leading to a high turnover rate every year.

Our goal is to mentor each first-year official at least once.

Total # of Mentorships Completed # of Mentorships Completed for Active Officials # of New Officials # of Officials with Minimum Reached % of Goal Reached Average # of Mentorships per official  # of Mentors
 2010-11 12 12 9 9 100 1.3 2
2011-12 14 12 8 8 100 1.5 3
2012-13 42 40 20  20 100 2 5
 2013-14 25 22 11 10 91 2 5
 2014-15 32  23  10 9 90 2.3 7

The mentor will be working with each official during the whole game, providing them with tips and suggestions on the proper positioning and procedures. At the mentor’s discretion, he/she may spend the entire game on the ice or spend more time with one official as their abilities dictate. They will however allow the younger official to make mistakes and will not be calling penalties. If absolutely necessary, the mentor does have the power to assess any penalty as covered in the Hockey Canada Rulebook.

For an insight as to how it works, watch this two part series.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  • Target 1st officials so as to retain them in the officiating program
  • Bestow confidence to those officials being shadowed
  • Offer guidance in regards to proper positioning on the ice and proper procedures (ie. penalties, off-sides, icings, etc…)
  • Convey to the players, coaches, and parents that these young officials are in a learning environment and that efforts are being made to provide them with quality officiating at all levels
  • Provide an avenue for senior officials to pass on their experience to younger officials

How do I become involved?

If you would like to become a mentor or would like to be shadowed some more, please contact your RIC.