New Officials

What All New Officials Need to Know

Welcome to Hockey Manitoba’s Officiating Program. As a new official here are a few key things that you will need to know:

  • In order to officiate you must be 13 years of age by December 31, 2015.
  • Online registration is required to attend an officiating clinic. Please refer to our Clinics page for further instructions.

What do I need to get started?

Hockey Manitoba Crest*
Hockey Canada Crest*
Hockey Canada Rule book*
(*Available with online registration)

Ref Uniform**1
Black Ref Pants or Wind pants**
Helmet with Half Visor**2
Hockey Winnipeg Referee number**4
(**Official’s responsibility)

  1. Hockey Canada does not permit its officials to wear the NHL-style jerseys, with black mesh under the armpits.
  2. Your helmet should be black, and you do need a half-visor. It is difficult to blow a whistle when you wear a full cage!
  3. The whistle must have a finger grip and should have a small pea inside.
  4. Please call Hockey Winnipeg at 784-5454 to obtain a number.

Referee Crests

Where Do I Place My Crests?

Hockey Manitoba Crest – Left Breast
Hockey Canada Crest – Upper Left Sleeve
100 Year Anniversary – Upper Right Sleeve