Supervision Program

Our goal is to provide each Level I and II with at least two supervisions over the course of the year. They will be coordinated by the Officials’ Development Director, Miguel Marcoux.

As the typical referee receives only 5 hours of class time and one hour of on-ice instruction,supervisions are used to augment instruction beyond the classroom. They are completed during a regular game, with or without the officials’ knowledge. Once either the game or period is complete, the supervisor will go over two or three things that the official should improve and will also reinforce good procedures or decisions.

The supervisor may give a hand-written copy or may just type out an official form afterwards. Either way, each referee will get a copy of his supervision for future reference. Use it to your advantage and review it prior to your next game.

As officials are the third team on the ice, during this season, group coaching forms will be used. During the supervision, listen attentively during the whole session. This will enable an official to gain from another mistakes and will also hold all of the officials accountable for each other.

Download the form here.

Total # of Supervisions Completed for all Officials # of Supervisions Completed for Active Level I and II Officials # of Active Level I and II Officials # of Officials with Minimum Reached % of Goal Reached Average # of Supervisions completed per Official  # of Supervisors
2010-11 69 61 30 20 67 2.0 9
2011-12 98 90 34 28 82 2.6 8
2012-13 124 116 54 48 89 2.1 15
2013-14 102 87 36 32 89 2.4 13
2014-15 119 75 32 21 66 2.3 15