Online Registration

SWHA’s Annual Hockey Registration period is from August 1st until the first week of September.

SWHA uses the Hockey Canada Online Registration System for all participants in the regular season, the Player Development Program & Twins AA Tryouts.

Hockey Canada LogoClick here to register
(only available during the registration period)

or type the following website address in your browser:

You will be forwarded to SWHA’s Hockey Canada registration portal.


Please Note:  Effective in 2016/17, a Credit Card is required to register online (cheques are no longer accepted by SWHA).  If you are applying for financial assistance, please select “other” as payment method during the check-out process.

Step by step instructions on how to register using the Hockey Canada Registry are below;

any additional inquiries, email SWHA’s Registrar @

To Begin:

Login to HCR.  If you have used Hockey Canada’s online registration system in the past (in SWHA or any other minor hockey association in Canada), use the same email address to login again.  Otherwise, you will need to create a new account.  Note:  The account profile information is for a parent/guardian, not your child.

Step 1 of 6 – Participant Selection.  Enter the participants name, birth date and gender and click “Register”.  If the participant has registered in South Winnipeg previously then the information will populate, otherwise a new profile will be created.

Note for Transferring Players:  If the participant has registered in another area/city/province previously (and you have moved to SWHA), the HCR system will be “unavailable” until the Change of Residence has been approved by Hockey Winnipeg.  Contact the SWHA Registrar at and we will send you the correct Hockey Canada transfer form so you can compete the transfer process.

Step 2 of 6 – Choose a Registration Type.  Select “Participants”

Step 3 of 6 – Division Selection.  The divisions will populate based on the birth date you have entered for the participant.

Please note that “Female” refers to the female-only division.  If you want your player registered in the combined male/female division, please do not choose the female option.

Step 4 of 6 – Registration Package Selection.  Confirm the Division/Package you have selected for the participant.

Step 5 of 6 – Participant Information.  Enter the required information.

Note:  Please provide current phone numbers (cell phone number if possible) and your primary email address (please don’t use your child’s email address).

Player Development Program (PDP) – Players ages 9-14 will be asked if they want to attend the PDP.  Don’t forget to add the PDP fee to your total prior to checkout.

Twins AA Tryouts – Male and female players ages 11-17 will be asked if they want to attend the Twins AA Tryouts.  Don’t forget to add the Twins tryout fee to your total prior to checkout.  If a player does not make the Twins AA program they are still registered for the SWHA program and will join these tryouts automatically.

See the SWHA website for additional information on the Player Development Program (PDP) and the Twins AA Hockey Program.

Your total registration fees will appear at the bottom.  Click “Review”.  The system will prompt you for any missing information

Step 6 of 6 – Participant’s Registration Review

If you have another participant to add, select “Add to Cart” to confirm this registration.  You can then register someone else before checking out.


Credit card is the only form of payment accepted by SWHA. Make sure you have a Visa/Mastercard with you before complete the registration. If you do not currently have a credit card, banks and Canada Post have prepaid credit cards that can be used.  Visa or Mastercard Gift cards will also work.

Note:  Please do not complete the registration process until the credit card transaction has been processed.  If you select “Other” payment by mistake, the system will not allow you to return later and pay with a credit card.  If this happens, contact the registrar to have the registration deleted and start over.

Select “Other” only if you will be applying for a financial assistance (refer to Financial Assistance Programs for further information).

Please remember your login information for future registrations.

Any questions, please contact the SWHA Registrar @

Follow this link to begin the registration process