SWHA / FGNHA Female Hockey Rebrand

StormJerseyBlackStormJerseyWhiteSWHA and FGNHA are pleased to announce that the female hockey program has recently been rebranded.  Starting with the 2015-2016 season, all female teams (not including AA) will play under the Winnipeg Storm name.


While the Kings and the Flyers have served as wonderful brands for our area of the city for many years, we realize it has not been ideal for our players to change team names from year to year.  Female players will now have one consistent brand and a new female identity to play for.

The name “Storm” is not new to our female program. We are in fact, resurrecting it.  Some of the older players may remember the name or may have even played for a Storm team in the past.

Orange and Black.  After much consideration, a colour scheme was chosen that would be readily identifiable with our area and our two hockey associations.  Though orange and black are not current SWHA or FGNHA colours, they are colours already associated with SWHA/FGNHA’s AA program and carry a strong identity in the Winnipeg hockey community. These colours and the new logo will now showcase and represent our female hockey program.

New jerseys will be ready for the start of the 2015-2016 season. We plan to have examples of apparel ready to view and order at evaluations. Our players will be able to proudly play for and display the name, logo and colours of the Winnipeg Storm.

See you on the ice and best of luck to all players during evaluations!